Optimizing the management and sustainable
use of forest genetic resources in Europe

Work package 6

Leader:  Bioversity International

This work package will ensure an effective external communication and optimal knowledge transfer of GenTree results and applications in order to optimize their exploitation. The team involved in this work will “translate” the project outputs to stakeholders and encourage them to use the results to generate outcomes (e.g. improve genetic conservation and breeding strategies, develop better policies, enhance the use and management of genetic resources in forestry and develop other innovations). As part of this work, stakeholders will be engaged so that the concepts, methods and models tested in GenTree include concerns and practice relevant to the forestry sector in Europe.

The specific objectives are to:

  • promote the project and its activities;
  • carry out effective scientific dissemination of the results;
  • engage stakeholders into a two-way dialogue with the consortium;
  • ensure effective knowledge transfer to key end-users and stakeholders.

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