Optimizing the management and sustainable
use of forest genetic resources in Europe


GenTree will improve the status and use of European in-situ and ex-situ FGR collections, support acquisition, conservation, characterization, evaluation and use of relevant FGR in breeding and forestry practice and policy, will seek to harmonize, rationalize and improve management of existing collections and databases, and will strengthen the EU strategy for cooperation on FGR research and innovation.

The major outputs will include:

  • new scientific knowledge on phenotypic and genotypic diversity across environmental gradients in Europe,
  • improved genotyping and phenotyping monitoring tools for practitioners,
  • updated and refined data for information systems of in-situ and ex-situ FGR collections,
  • innovative strategies for conservation, breeding and exchanging and using diversified forest reproductive material,
  • novel outreach and science-policy support tools to better integrate FGR concerns into forest management and better implement relevant international commitments in Europe.