Optimizing the management and sustainable
use of forest genetic resources in Europe


Video recordings from final conference

You can watch all presentations from the final scientific conference 'Genetics to the rescue - managing forests sustainably in a changing world'

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Forest rebooted: Mont Ventoux springs back to life

In this film, Dr Bruno Fady, the GenTree project coordinator and the Research Director at INRA, the French Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment, tells the story of the forests of Mont Ventoux and their uncertain future. Read more

La Forêt du Mont Ventoux : le retour !

French version of the film 'Forest rebooted: Mont Ventoux springs back to life' (French subtitles)

Notre perception des forêts est très subjective. Ce que nous croyons ancien et naturel peut en fait être récent et d'origine humaine. Le Mont Ventoux, dans la région d'Avignon, est le dernier soubresaut des Alpes en Provence. Dans ce film, Bruno Fady, directeur de recherche à l'Inra, raconte l'histoire des forêts du Mont Ventoux.

The past and future of a unique pine population

A Greek professor of forest genetics, Phil Aravanopoulos, travels back to his place of birth, the Lesvos island. Inspired by the father of botany, Theophrastus, who was born and lived on the island, he researches the black pine forest that he cherished since he was a boy. This population of trees is now threatened by climate change.

Zooming into trees

Growing up in an isolated part of Finland gave Tanja a deep appreciation of the importance of understanding our forests.

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Breeding labradors... and trees

Looking at his pet labrador’s pedigree got Tim thinking about better ways to measure inbreeding in forests, and that resulted in software that makes tree breeding more effective and more sustainable.

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Gazing at trees

Combining accurate measurements of leaves with genetic information about the trees they came from gives a deeper understanding of how forests can adapt to future challenges.

See a photostory about Raquel and her team's work