Optimizing the management and sustainable
use of forest genetic resources in Europe

Public awareness materials


The logo aims to reflect simultaneously several concepts and themes at the core of the project. The colored shape evokes both a leaf and a seed with their related research topics such as reproductive biology or phenology. The different color tonalities in the leaf/seed suggest diversity, variation across gradients and are also a typical representation of different environments on maps. The white lines in the interstices hint at a network of people and a network of sites for research, monitoring and conservation. Finally, the needles bring in the conifer species, which along with broadleaves constitute the 12 selected species on which the project is focusing.

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A leaflet summarizing the project objectives and outputs can be viewed and downloaded below in four languages:

A high-quality print-ready version is available upon request (note: the size of the file is 74 MB).
Format 398,5 x 210 mm.

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A ready presentation showing GenTree goals, partners and activities can be downloaded here.

A template to use for preparing your own presentation about GenTree for events and conferences is available here.

Project brief

A project brief entitled 'Spotting 5000 trees and their genetic diversity - research in leaves and wood to promote sustainable forests better resisting to climate change' briefly describes the challenges that the project aims to address.