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GenTree film at International PARISCIENCE Film Festival

Panel discussion with (from left) Bruno Fady (the protagonist), Ewa Hermanowicz, (director) and Merit Jensen Carr and Jeff McKay (producer and director of the 'Call of the Forest'). Credit (copyright): Stéphane Félicité

Every year, the International Pariscience Film Festival brings together the best international scientific films – feature-length and shorts - made for cinema, television or web. This year, once again, the festival maintained its excellent reputation with remarkable films on show.

We were pleased to have our film ‘Forest rebooted: Mont Ventoux springs back to life’ accepted as part of the official selection of the festival. In this film, Dr Bruno Fady, the coordinator of the GenTree project, tells the story of the forests of Mont Ventoux, their fascinating past and their uncertain future. Mont Ventoux is one of the 120 study sites where trees have been sampled for GenTree.

The film was screened to a full auditorium at the Museum of Natural History of Paris in the section on biodiversity, along with the feature film ‘Call of the Forest’.

The public warmly applauded the film, which was followed by a public panel discussion. On the panel were Bruno Fady, the protagonist, Ewa Hermanowicz, who directed the film, and the producers of the longer feature film, Merit Jensen Carr and Jeff McKay.

Audience members of all ages were highly engaged on issues related to forest biodiversity and forest ecosystems in general, asking the panel members many questions and expressing their appreciation of the films.

The festival proved to be an excellent platform for linking the people who create audiovisual material, scientists and science communicators with members of the public who are genuinely interested in science.

You can watch 'Forest rebooted: Mont Ventoux springs back to life' here