Optimizing the management and sustainable
use of forest genetic resources in Europe

Work package 5

Leader: European Forest Institute (EFI)

The main goal of this work package is to develop recommendations for the integration of the GenTree conservation and breeding strategies into a framework of adaptive forest management and policy instruments, using analytical approaches and scenario assessments. The specific objectives of this work package are:

  • Place all proposed forest genetic resources (FGR) conservation and management techniques into context with existing and proposed management strategies and policy regimes.
  • Investigate through computer simulations the effects of forestry practices on evolutionary processes and connect these effects with FGR management in the context of climate change.
  • Analyze EU and national forest-related policy frameworks and their influence on FGR conservation and management. To unravel implementation barriers from the political onto the practical level.
  • Compare micro-economic effects of different forest management scenarios starting from stand establishment (regeneration).

Presentation on the 'Atlas of forest management' by Hans Verkerk and Marcus Lindner